MERCI Origins

Established :- 1994

Founders :- Gagan Raj & Raja Tekriwal

Company :- Compaqt Infocomm

Compaqt Infocomm developed a complete accounting solution with the name DANGEROUS having more than 15000+ customers and became the Market Leader in 4 years of span with a back-end team of 65+ developers.

Founders guided the company to enter into the new arena of Internet-based Accounting Solutions with a keen vision of futuristic technology to give an extra edge to all the clients.

A Revolution In  Technological  Upgradation  Renascence  Dangerous Into MERCI In Year – 2012.

Dangerous Is More Dangerous

The New Avatar Is

Cloud-Based Customized ERP Solutions

Recreation, Updation and Incorporation of New Technologies consolidated the development of MERCI. By the year 2015 MERCI started providing Cloud-Based Customized ERP Solutions and the futuristic technology gave the cutting edge advantages to all the different sections of clients.

MERCI USP is its AI based open end solutions, BI based Dashboards for better decision making, and  comparatively 1/4th delivery time for customized ERP solutions.

Why ERP??? Think of an ERP system as the brain of your company’s technology system. In the human body, the brain controls all areas of your body by telling them what to do and ensuring they all work together. The human body is unable to function without a brain, and a retail company cannot function without a proper ERP system. It integrates all facets of a business including product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. By synchronizing all of these areas, businesses are able to gain visibility, increase productivity and operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.

According to the latest statistical data, 81 percent of companies are in the process of implementing ERP or have successfully implemented it. They would never consider implementing ERP in the first place if the systems don’t have advantages for their businesses. Let’s break down the benefits of an ERP system for your business.