Attendance Marking App

Track attendance in a smart way with GPS based attendance marking


  • Integrated online with MERCI Cloud Raw-Attendance Punch.
  • Allows employees to mark attendance based on IP address or GEO Location.
  • Employees on the move or on fields can be easily tracked.
  • Allow employee to mark attendance only from a particular location.
  • Prevents proxy attendance marking.
  • Restrict your employees to mark attendance from one or more offices.
  • Set rules for full day, half day marking if employees are late.
  • Easy integration with payroll system.
  • Easy to replace / authorize new mobile device if the existing device is misplaced or lost.
  • Unlimited number of employees can be enrolled for attendance marking.
  • Rich feature of API to download attendance data into any other attendance / payroll system.
  • Easy connectivity API for uploading data from physical attendance devices into MERCI Cloud ERP attendance module.
  • White labelled mobile apps available in PWA or playstore formats.


Yes. Attendance Marking App can be used for virtually unlimited employees located in any number of diversified regions all over the world.

Yes. The data we receive from the Attendance Marking app is called raw punch data and is available for preview in the MERCI Cloud ERP web interface.

Yes. Our well docmented API is available to enable any developer or user to download the data in any program as desired.

No. We have provided a universal API which can be called using any programming language of the world to fetch the data. For example PHP, .Net, Ruby, Python, C, C++, Visual Basic, Foxpro to name a few.