MERCI ERP Cloud Plans

MERCI ERP Cloud Plans provide irresistible pre-configured data storage solutions to overcome your Implicit / Explicit inherent costs towards managing the IT Infrastracture at the customer's premises. Irrespective of business size or business volume, our Cloud ERP plans are designed to be fit for any industry.

Hosted on Amazon AWS Cloud Servers

Your business and customers are evolving at the lightening speed. The best thing about storing all the data in the cloud is that it ensures affordability and the data can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world.


MERCI CLOUD ERP manages the data over AWS using the following technologies:

  • Linux Based Servers.
  • Round Robin Load Balancer.
  • Separate Hosting Servers.
  • Data stored in Amazon Auto Scaling RDS Servers.
  • Amazon Aurora Cloud Computing Engines based on MySql for Auto Scaling, Writable & Readonly, Replication Instances with capacities of scaling up to 50.
  • Hardware & Software firewalls & 3 layer technology to prevent any virus / ransomware attach or intrusion to ensure complete safety of your data.


Business owners can be sure that once the data is stored in the cloud, it is safe. The best thing about using MERCI ERP is that server data is distributed across redundant servers and the data stored in the cloud is safeguarded against any type of hardware failure. MERCI ERP Cloud servers also provide automated backups and snapshots in order to make sure that your data is safe.

Cost Savings

Businesses and organizations can reduce the annual operating costs by utilizing the MERCI ERP cloud storage. We ensure affordability by completely managing the security certificates, replications, failovers, backups etc., without any need of external configuring the same at client’s end.

Easy Sharing

Data stored in MERCI ERP cloud storage can be easily shared with clients and colleagues in an easy and secure way.


One of the biggest issues that most of the business owners face is creating data backups and scheduling the backup in a way so that the daily operations don’t get hampered. With MERCI ERP cloud storage technology, the tedious task of data backups is simplified through automation. MERCI ERP preserves a copy of your data backup on a daily basis.


Online cloud storage is also an ideal platform for collaboration purposes. MERCI ERP cloud environment enables multiple people to access, edit and collaborate on a single file or document. People can access the cloud environment from anywhere in the world and collaborate in real time. No further restore/syncing is required.

Scalable Service

MERCI ERP Cloud hosting enables vertical as well as horizontal scaling and the best thing about cloud hosting is that you only pay for the resources that you actually use. You can scale your cloud hosting environment whenever required and you can also define the attributes of scaling the cloud. This ensures more flexibility and a large & versatile storage space.


While using a local file storage you can only access your data from a certain location. With MERCI ERP cloud storage, the daily devices can be your access points like your PC and your smart phone. Accessing files and synchronizing them can be done easily with any device through an internet connection. Therefore, the stress of transferring the documents from one device to another is reduced as it can get complicated at times. Moreover, the files /data stored in the cloud storage remain the same across all the devices and they can be automatically updated after making any changes. You can always view the latest version of the updated file/data through a cloud storage.


The amount of convenience and peace of mind offered by MERCI ERP cloud storage system is amazing! Even if you store data on transportable devices like external hard drives or flash drives, some kind of manual intervention and physical handling is required. The data that is stored in a cloud is backed up online and it can be accessed from anywhere. Information is automatically saved as it streams in. There is no need for you to save, label or track information. The convenience of online cloud storage enables you to completely concentrate on your work without getting stressed about data loss.


MERCI ERP online cloud storage and backup is beneficial for all types of businesses. MERCI ERP Cloud storage is a great platform that does not require any huge investment and it can be actively used for connecting and collaborating with clients and employees. If you opt for MERCI ERP cloud environment, you are entitled to supreme benefits like faster information deployment, less management and less supervision; thus you have more time to give for achieving your business goals.

Small Business

  • 2 GB Data Storage Space
  • Includes Database + Document Space.
  • Extra Doc/File Storage via Attachments.
  • Supports Image Saving.
  • Supports Mobile Application Hosting.
  • Inbuilt Scheduler Services.
  • GST at prevailing rates extra
Business Plus

  • 10 GB Data Storage Space
  • Includes Database + Document Space.
  • Extra Doc/File Storage via Attachments.
  • Supports Image Saving.
  • Supports Mobile Application Hosting.
  • Inbuilt Scheduler Services.
  • GST at prevailing rates extra.