Customer Relations Management

Customer is at the root of every business. A carefully crafted & integrated CRM leads your business to prosperity.


  • Leads Management (Manage leads generated from various sources. Like Direct Leads, Digital Marketing / SEO, Local campaining etc.)
  • Lead Allocation to Sales Executive
  • Lead followup
  • Lead Classification into Hot, Warm, Cold etc.
  • Lead Followup by sales executives
  • Lead transfer between executives
  • Order Confirmation / Dead
  • Lead  & Sales Funnel Analysis
  • Product Analysis & Comparisons
  • Sales Team Analysis & Comparisons


  • Deep integration into MERCI Cloud ERP
  • Prevent duplicate work loads by managing single application
  • Customer integration into live ERP
  • Product integration into live ERP
  • Easy management of sales team from within ERP
  • Single application for CRM inegrates with back-office HRMS
  • CRM application integrates at the back-end with JD & KRA
  • CRM application integrated with task management system at all levels.
  • Automatic reminders & schedulers for future visits, calls etc.
  • CRM application helps managing realtime executive physical movements
  • Automatically compute employee vehicle movements & thereby costs.
  • CRM application is connected with GPS based attendance marking application.
  • Mark & Track employees in real time.
  • Manage the time actually spent at customer’s site/premises.


NO. Our CRM is deeply integrated into the ERP modules and gets the sales team members directly from the users table of the ERP.

Separate masters for managing sales team members are not required at all.

No. Not at all. CRM is linked to MERCI Cloud ERP module tables and manages the product lists directly from existing data.

Our CRM solution can be used by any number of sales persons required. License is required to be activated for number of users.

Yes. Our CRM is available as a mobile application. It interacts with the MERCI Cloud ERP online. You need to be connected to the internet to operate the CRM mobile app.

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