Corporate Social Responsibility

We @MERCI Focus On Education to Develop Skill- Post Corona Pandemic, people are struggling to manage their livelihood. Our Social Responsibility is to train students and develop skill in managing accounts of any kind of business of small entity to big corporates. It will be a Great Opportunity to Develop and Enhance the practical Skill to shape the Career of Students. We will guide them to be an Expert Accountant to manage any Business while they study.

Earn While You Learn

Post our training course we provide a free copy of MERCI software so that Students can earn by using and implementing their knowledge in the practical field and earn money during their studies

● MERCI Cloud ERP gives you in-depth knowledge of Business Analytics

● Deep understanding of ERP platform is the soul of any big organization

● MERCI help students to upgrade their capabilities and skill sets for business environment

● Self-employment opportunities are generated

● MERCI help to assist students in establishing their own working business module

● Students get to learn how to do practical accounting for different businesses in MERCI Cloud ERP

● MERCI arranges the placement of trained students

● Entrepreneurial Mindset, Entrepreneurship Development &Corporate Placement