Customer / Vendor Feedback

If you let your customers talk to you, they will not talk to others.

Features & Benefits

  • Create custom feedback forms from time to time.
  • Feedback forms live updated on Customer Feedback App.
  • Capture customer feedback data live into MERCI Cloud ERP.
  • Deep analyse the Feedback data & plan for growth & reforms.
  • Connect the feedback data to Dashboards & Analytics.
  • Grow with your customers suggestions in improving your products & services.
  • Gather feedback from other business associates.
  • Gather feedback data from employees within your organisation.


YES. The Customer feedback app can be distributed to any number of your business associates, customers & employees.

Yes. Your team can design the customer feedback form in preset language, or let MERCI Cloud ERP provide option to your associates to select the language of their choice.

The customer feedback form data is available in form of module reports as well as separate widget in the Dashboards for better comparisons & analysis.