There is no limit to number of users logging in at the same time. Any number of users can login at the allowed time (as decided by admin)

Your data is absolutely secured & not shared with anyone. Only the project-in-charge can access your data that too with your consent.

The admin user can download the Data Backup for sure using the option provided in the Utility Menu of the system.

For added security, the system automatically creates & preserves a Backup of the Data every night.

MERCI CLOUD ERP has been carefully designed keeping in mind business users. Our system architecture ensures that you never face and downtime nor any speed issues. Please refer to the following specifications driving our system:

  • Hosted on robust AWS Linux Cloud Servers (Linux, firewall, cloudflare technologies prevent all sort of Virus / Trojan / DDOS attacks.
  • Amazon Aurora SQL Engine for huge simultaneous data operations.
  • Auto scaling RDS (Data Services) to scale horizontally & vertically on load demands. (Can manage virtually unlimited data load)
  • Auto fail over mechanism (Automatic internal switching between servers in case of any single instance of data mistake operations to give the users a seamless uninterrupted operations. Servers are located at Mumbai-India & Tokyo-Japan & Singapore Data Centers)
  • Automatic Load Balancer to ensure high traffic load balancing between servers.
  • Programmed using PHP (World’s favorite programming language for speed. Facebook, Twitter etc. having giant user base are based on PHP).

Data volume storage forecast can not be done typically for business data. Normally 10 GB of data space can accommodate at least 10 years of data in MERCI CLOUD ERP, which include the images of products & documents too.

Nevertheless, in rare case (if required), where more volume of data storage is required, it can be acquired by paying additional charges.

Yes for sure. MERCI CLOUD ERP logs each and every change any allowed user has done, on field level, with date & time of the same. We call this audit.

Audit logs can be accessed for individual entry representing the date, time, user & changes effected to the entry for operations like add, edit, delete, print, sms, email, whatsapp etc.

Consolidated reports (user wise, module wise etc.) are available in logs section.

Even though logged, an Email to the admin user is automatically done if the entry is deleted from the system.

Yes. Users can be allowed to access MERCI CLOUD ERP from allowed locations.

Yes for sure. Multiple restrictions can be imposed on the users as listed below:

Login Restrictions:

  • Login from specific IP address(s) locations (Desktop / mobiles)
  • Login from specific place/area only GEO locations (mobiles only).
  • Time range based login.

Access Restrictions:

  • Access to specific modules (also field level access)
  • Event based restrictions (Add/Edit/Delete/Print/Report/Export/Mobile etc.)
  • Access to specific financial year / company
  • Access to Dashboards, Schedulers…
  • Setup OTP for entry delete for individual modules
  • Restrict Date based entries using Audit Lock

Yes for sure.

We have designed, optimized and tested our system to be fully compliant with any operating system (Apple, Windows, Linux, Symbian etc.) mobile device, tablets as well as Desktop and ThinClient machines.

Yes perfectly. MERCI CLOUD ERP is complete customized and comes in module architecture, is fully scalable & 100% customizable.

You can purchase a few required modules initially and buy other modules as and when required.

MERCI CLOUD ERP is optimised to run over 2G, 3G, 4G, Broadband Connection of 1mbps & above, Leased Lines. Virtually it runs blazing fast over any internet connection.

Yes. You can create multiple companies, each with multiple-branches, in each financial year group(s).

We have a robust Online Trouble Ticket System, using which users can create tickets. Each ticket is uniquely numbered and responded on the fastest response time possible, by our team of technical support engineers.

Yes, you may upgrade or cancel the plan / subscription at any point of time. Plans in MERCI Cloud ERP are available only for cloud server types. You can upgrade at anytime, however downgrade from any plan is not allowed.

No. There are no hidden / extra costs. In case of any project development, any new module or report, any ammendment in existing structures which may attract large development period / hours may be charged extra by MERCI team – if deemed fit.

In our commercial offers all the minute details will be provided to you.

Orders and payment once received will not be refunded under any circumstance.

MERCI supports the following devices: IOS, Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry

MERCI has the following typical customers: Startups, SMEs, Agencies & Enterprises

MERCI runs in a Browser. It is supported over iOS, Apple, Windows, ThinClients, Linux & any other javascript enabled Operating System.

Since MERCI CLOUD ERP is complete customized software platform, the basic software price depends on the modules selected for purchase.

As MERCI is deployed as a SAAS (software-as-a-service) model, we do charge for cloud hosting of data and services rendered on an annual basis, recurring annually.

For any project sold by us, the project files are hosted on AWS architecture and the entire software is supplied as SAAS & PAAS models. Live launched on the cloud servers, the project is identified by a unique project code, to be accessed from the browser itself.

MERCI multi-language feature is tightly integrated over Google Language & Translate engines & hence all the languages provided by Google are supported.

It should be noted that although Google levies its charges for language transalations to MERCI, the entire service of language conversion comes as FREE to MERCI users.

Yes indeed. MERCI has inbuilt dynamic template system to create Template file in Excel. This Excel file can be downloaded by admin user to copy & paste the old data or data from other software in MERCI’s proprietary format. Thereafter the excel file can be uploaded easily in MERCI, which in turn imports the provided data in relevant modules automatically.

We are proud to say that our implementation process is fastest in the world today. Our on-time implementation guarantees go-live from five to ninety days.

At this time when SMBs are quickly switching towards adopting the latest IT business solutions; not keeping up with this pace will leave your business behind. Keeping this in mind and to help SMBs implement an ERP with minimum investment, MERCI ERP has developed an affordable ERP which will suit your needs and pocket.

MERCI ERP is truly scalable horizontally & vertically. Ready modules can be immediately added to existing ERP, Custom modules can be tailored to order on fastest possible manner, without comprising existing data.

The number of users who can log-on to the system at any one time is however limited by the number of concurrent user licenses you have purchased. Additional user licenses can be purchased at any time.

The MERCI ERP system is ideal for organizations with limited IT resources. We have many features to reduce system administration efforts including Auto Update, Auto Backup and Auto Database Maintenance.

In addition MERCI ERP offers remote administration where we can provide support from our office. Once the system is set-up and installed, only routine maintenance and system administration is required by adding new users or changing user security profiles.

Yes, as a mandatory step in the implementation methodology, MERCI provides training to your employees. If a trained employee leaves you, and you hire a new person, we can even train your new employee and educate him how to use the system effectively for your business objectives.

At MERCI we have also developed Training Videos where functionality and modules are explained in details, such videos are very well accepted and appreciated by our existing users. We have online knowledgebase, FAQ section and custom help section to assist your team.

Coupled with this, MERCI has inbuilt dynamic Documentation System, which provides a complete flowchart & module wise complete help documents for deeper understanding of the system.

It helps to provide on-time and on target support to our all customers irrespective of where their branches or offices are located. Also our consultants can connect on your server on real time for any kind of support or maintenance required.

We offer annual maintenance programs that includes technical support for your ERP system, or we can provide technical support on an individual incident basis.

MERCI ERP technical support staff is available to assist you with questions throughout the day, either on telephone or electronically.

The cloud model is particularly attractive to small and mid-size companies that lacks in IT funds and staffs needed to keep up with the complex internal system.

Cloud also offers more flexibility, as customers can often pick and choose which functionality they want to use, instead of paying for those modules they don’t intend to use.

In cases, where integration with third party products is required, we do provide custom APIs as well as plugins to help our customers in attaining their goals and objectives.

The return on investment from implementing MERCI ERP system can be very attractive.

For MERCI ERP ROI means growth in your effectiveness, growth in your productivity, ease of operation, transparent transactions thus a transparent environment and user friendliness.

We automate your entire system while seamlessly integrating it, which results in fast & accurate movement of data reducing redundancy and effect caused by delay. MERCI ERP helps you deliver solid customer satisfaction by improving on-time shipments, automating clerical tasks, reducing inventory and providing solid information to make decisions on.

The Shop Floor chaos is eliminated by proper scheduling and material control. Billing and delivery errors are eliminated using system automation. These benefits will certainly boost your productivity, reduce extra costs and overheads and ultimately increased ROI.

The two essential factors determining the ROI and Payback potential are Installation and implementation of the software. ERP offers an outstanding implementation and installation packages thereby offering its clients unique and effective software solutions for their organization resulting in superior business operations and profits.

MERCI CLOUD ERP is built using the following technologies:

  • Hosted over Secured AWS Linux Cloud Servers
  • Scalable Aurora Database Engines with auto multi-continent fail-over
  • PHP as prime language of development (Facebook, Twitter etc. use the same)
  • On-the-fly Compression & Encryption of data for faster transmission & least Bandwidth requirements
  • On-the-fly Compression & Encryption of data for storage & retrieval from RDS
  • AJAX & CURL for smooth and fastest customer experience
  • HTTPS / SSL (AES 256) to ensure data safety & security

MERCI ERP is built for all device support. It is fully supported on major Browsers on Windows, Apple (MAC), Apple (iPhones/ iPads), Android, Linux operating systems.

All types of screen sizes are supported.

Any hardware capable of running Chrome / Safari Browser can run MERCI ERP seamlessly.

MERCI ERP is always being deployed in the customised manner. Our team of engineers & analysts tries to built your business application in a manner best suited for your organisation.

MERCI ERP has integrated modules for management of Production, Inventory, Payroll, Attendance, Accounting, Taxation, Multi-Branches, Users, etc.

Your data is backed up every 24 hours, and you may even manually download a copy of your data for backing up to any device of choice.

Cost Benefit Analysis

The cost of ERP implementation versus the benefit derived post implementation is a critical factor for consideration. An ERP should help overcome the cost and continue to pay dividends for years to come.

Business Specific Requirements Implementation

Although the basic operation model is standard in every industry vertical, there are exceptions that make yours’ unique. An ERP should account for and cater to each exception and meet the precise requirements of your business.

Unrealistic Implementation Expectations

ERP sales representatives often understate the level of resources required to close the deal. Therefore, many companies fail to budget adequate time, money, resources and external consulting support to make the project successful.

Modules Selection

An ERP consists of multiple modules. However, a business should limit the scope of the implementation to the module(s) needed to meet its operational goals. An attempt to overachieve can lead to failure.

Cost of Implementation

ERP implementation can be a long and expensive process. Businesses should identify the deliverables and relevant cost implications for development and deployment of various modules along with the timeline. Cost of ownership of the required hardware system is a onetime expense, however the cost of up gradation and maintenance should be carefully considered as well. Additionally, salaries of IT managers and trained operators will remain a recurring cost.

Employee Feedback on the ERP

Your employees will be the key stakeholders impacted by the ERP implementation. Consequently, employees from every department should preview the product to ensure their respective requirements and concerns are addressed.

Selection of the ERP Vendor

Technology and business process implementation are generally the pillars to short list ERP vendors. However, the credibility of the vendor and testimonials to back the service quality should not be discounted.

Long Term Planning

Although the primary criteria for ERP selection will be the current business requirements, future enhancements and requirements should also be considered and relevant provision should be maintained in the ERP.

Post Implementation Support

A lot of issues arise once an organization starts using the implemented ERP system. Unless the issues are addressed appropriately and in a timely manner, the ERP cannot function smoothly

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Shall I prefer Cloud Server over my local Server?

Cloud Servers in fact remove the headache of managing your own server. Your data & program resides in the clouds, leaving you and your team free to engage yourselves in more productive tasks. Cloud hardware & underlying software updates are taken care by Cloud service providers along with hand-in-hand with MERCI team to have the best possible user experience to you.

How does MERCI Cloud ERP helps me save my costs?

MERCI Cloud ERP takes automatic backup of your data for each day (365 copies). It runs on high speed Linux servers, thereby virtually eleminating the threats. It does not require further expense on your part towards hardware or software maintenance. Moreover while working from different places, you are not required to manually backup / restore your data to sync the same. Moreover as MERCI Cloud ERP provides you integrated mobile apps for various operations, you get one-stop-solution store for all your business needs.

How does MERCI Cloud ERP streamline my operations?

By automatically managing your data on robust AWS clouds, in real time, your different business units and data points as well as customers & others interact with each other in a timely and integrated manner. It eases the data flow and thereby effective business decision making on one part and by eleminating the digital infrastructure management and man power involved in the same on the other.

Do you have several Business Units

If you have more than one business unit or managing premise (for eg. managing office, packing house, production unit, warehouse, sales office etc..), then MERCI Cloud ERP is the right choice for you. It immediately integrates your various business processes and makes everything available online in the real time. It allows you to take better business decisions in the right time and stay ahead in the competition.

Have you been a victim of Ransomeware or Data Loss?

Complex and persistent threats riddled the cybersecurity landscape of 2019. Ransomware attacks found a niche in high-profile targets, while phishing scams came up with novel subterfuges. Vulnerabilities in a widely used software protocol were thrown into sharp relief, while threats to third-party services and tools highlighted the importance of security at all nodes of a supply chain.
– Trend Micro

MERCI Cloud ERP is hosted on the AWS cloud servers. High speed linux servers, latest Firewalls and proven SSL layers with Load-Balancer to handle virtually unlimited customers and our databases are replicated over several geographical regions (viz. singapore, seoul & mumbai).