3. API to Read Image / PDF files to Text Tables.

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Extract Data From Image / PDF

You may want to extract formatted data from Image / PDF file into MERCI GLOBAL ERP.


  1. Automate data conversion from Image.
  2. Automate data conversion from PDF.


Presently embedded into MERCI GLOBAL ERP. You just need to purchase an account at


  1. Prior to purchasing any account using the above link, make sure to check whether your image / pdf is converted to text table format properly by creating a trial account.
  2. MERCI GLOBAL ERP does not read any data directly from provided image / pdf. It simply reads the user uploaded file and transmits to If the API is able to read & convert the data to text table format, only then the converted data will be uploaded automatically into MERCI GLOBAL ERP.
  3. Under no circumstance, MERCI GLOBAL ERP undertakes any liability to guarantee the performance of the API used from