2. Set API for integrating external SMS / Whatsapp service

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External SMS / Whatsapp service API integration.

Users may integrate any 3rd party SMS / Whatsapp service using their API. The API received from the 3rd party vendor should be copied and pasted into MERCI GLOBAL ERP system using the following steps by ADMIN user:

(Only GET Compliant APIs are supported)


  1. Go to Utility Menu –> SMS/Email –> Sms / Whatsapp API section. 
  2. Only one entry of API for SMS / Whatsapp each can be added.
  3. Copy the API url received from the vendor.
  4. Paste this API url into the URL field.
  5. Change the message value of API to XXMESSAGEXX
  6. Change the mobile number value of API to XXMOBILEXX
  7. Save the API entry.
  8. Done.

EXAMPLES: (Only GET Compliant APIs are supported)


(Only GET Compliant APIs are supported)

The custom user message is changed to XXMESSAGEXX and mobile number is changed to XXMOBILEXX

MERCI GLOBAL ERP will automatically replace the values while excuting the api.


  • The above API execution is technically only GET compliant. API of any programming language can be used and copied here.
  • In case you face any issues, please raise a support ticket copying your API in the ticket itself. Our team will help you for the same.