1. Manual Backup

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Manual Backup

To Create User(s), go to Utility Menu –> Backup

Allowed Users / Admin User may click Backup Option of the Utility Menu to Download a compressed (zip) backup file containing the data.


  1. Backup of the project database is created and a download link is provided to the user to download and save the backup file.
  2. Backup file created is compatible with standard windows / any zip or compression tool or program.
  3. Backup file contains standard SQL format backup. This backup is directly compatible with all SQL supported servers like MySql, AWS Aurora, Oracle etc.
  4. This backup file does not contain the physical attachments. These need to be downloaded separately or a separate support ticket be generated to get the same.
  5. Normally it takes from a few seconds (5 seconds) to a few minutes to create the backup zip file, depending on the size of the database.