2. Automatic Backup

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Automatic Backup

MERCI Cloud ERP creates a snapshot backup of the entire data of the projects separately for each customer on separate cloud servers (Digital Ocean Servers) live from AWS servers at midnight every day.


  1. Un-attended backup in automatic mode is being created for each project and stamped with date and time
  2. The individual backup file for each project is saved into Digital Ocean Cloud Servers for safety and security.
  3. 365 copies (one backup file each day) is retained and rotated via the backup mechanism.
  4. The backup contains the data of all the years & all the companies present in the project.
  5. This backup file is secured and available even to MERCI team on customer request.
  6. Customers as well as MERCI team members do not have access to these backups directly.
  7. A Snapshot of master hosting servers at AWS is being created daily and rotated periodically.