Addon Products


MERCI Whatsapp API Addon facilitates the users to send customised / system generated messages / documents to target recipients over Whatsapp in their mobile phones.


MERCI SMS API Addon facilitates the users to send custom / system generated SMS messages (Event Based) to target users in form of SMS over mobile phones.


Customer Relationship Management – available as mobile app provides intuitive way to manage leads/inquiry, tasks and a variety of common customer service tools.

Learning Management System

LMS – available in form of a mobile app, helps you train individual employee in your team using a very easy & effective manner, with admin panel.

Map Analysis

An innovative visual tool to track your sales, outstandings and other business statistics. Take your Business ahead in competition.

Tasks Management System

Tasks Management system available as mobile app, is an integrated suit to help in managing day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

Payment Collection App

Payment Collection App is integrated with MERCI Accounting System to enable followups and collection of dues from customers in timely manner, through assignments to Collection Persons /team with limits, reminders and reports.

Attendance Marking App

Attendance Marking App enables organisations to mark and track employees in realtime. Employees posted at different cities have to mark attendance using the app within area limits set using GPS location.

E-Commerce App

Launch your powerful and innovative virtual online store using our innovative E-Commerce Application for online order / sales generations, payment collection via payment gateway, delivery and much more…

Customer / Vendor Feedback

Protect your business by having valuable feedback from your customers, vendors and other business associates right on time.