Map Analysis

An innovative visual tool to track your sales, outstandings and other business statistics.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily visualize your existing sales geographically.
  • Plan and expand your sales along related regions.
  • Check your sales and dues distribution on basis of states.
  • Plan and execute sales plan on basis of actual population index.
  • Better focus on areas or customers with higher dues.
  • Easily find and locate customers with better sales.
  • Easily locate the regions where your products are demanded the most.
  • Identify the potential sales areas and prospectives.
  • One click area, customer analysis.
  • One click dues analysis.
  • and much more…


Yes. Our embedded apis monitor and update the current population on basis of last official country population index, coupled with average population growth ratio.

Yes. For sure. Any of your such requirements can be submitted to Merci support team, which and check and take appropriate update steps to fulfill your needs.

Yes. We can map and display any region of the world as demanded by our customers.