Merci Global

Are you looking to grow your business with just one click?

Merci Global Cloud ERP accelerates your business growth by simplifying and integrating various business processes seamlessly under one umbrella. Merci ERP provides a reliable, fast and intuitive user experience wherein even a new user gets accustomed within a few minutes only. 

Merci immediately scales to integrate your business processes like 





Inventory Control, 



HR, PMS, CRM etc easily and effectively to save time, energy and money.

Data Security is the prime concern of team MERCI. It is hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we ensure complete data security over LINUX platforms and MySql Enterprise Databases.

Underlying technologies like Automated Backup, Smart Replication over continents, Lowest Latency, On-The-Fly data compression over HTTPS ensures total data security, highest possible speed and 99.999% up-time to ensure your business runs without interruptions.

Our rich set of distributed Mobile Applications add icing to the cake. Live data pull and sharing ensure the availability of data at required data points at the right time.

We believe successful businesses don’t view technology as just the way to automate processes, but instead, they use it to open up new ways of doing business and Merci is one of the most useful technological resources for them !!!

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