Payment Collection App

By using task management system definitely the time, money and resources will get optimize growth.


  • Pre-Integrated with Customer Invoicing Module.
  • Easy to create customer groups.
  • Allocate collection person to customer groups.
  • Easy for collection persons to view due invoices.
  • Integration with Task Management helps in recurring followups.
  • Automatic Reminders.
  • Integrated with accounts to track and receive payments collected.
  • Easy to track overdue invoices.
  • Easily track and communicate with customers delaying payments.
  • Easy for physical collection of cheques.
  • Restrict cash collection by collection person over a particular limit.
  • Track your collection persons in real time.
  • Better and faster liquidity and recovery of dues.
  • Integrated with online payment gateway for easy and even faster modes of receipts of funds.
  • Integration with whatsapp & email for sending dues list to customers.


Yes. Payment collection app is pre-integrated with your sales invoice modules.

Yes. Payment Collection System is available as a mobile application. It interacts with the MERCI Cloud ERP online. You need to be connected to the internet to operate.

No. The Payment Collection App shows the data to the logged in collection person only.

No. Only the collection person assigned to customer’s group can see that group’s dues data.

No. The Collection person will be able to view only the due invoices of the allowed customers. They will not be able to view any other data of the customer.