MERCI Cloud ERP for Weaving is a comprehensive suit of several modules to enable complete smooth functioning of the Weaving Unit. It covers 360 degree aspects of business including the Financial Control, Costing Control, Inventory, Spares, Raw-Material Procurement, Consumption, Wastages, Production, Sales & Distribution, In-house as well as outsourced production on Jobwork, Value Addition, management and movement of inventory at various levels as well as between different production units, warehouses & management offices.

Our ERP solution for Weaving covers all the aspects of Workers in terms of HR & Payroll including the production aspects (production based payments – if applicable). Nevertheless, we provide a comprehensive system of Performance & Appraisals. Rich sets of reports, dashboard, analytic & task scheduling & automation tools help you take your business to next levels, leveraging the powers of our multi aspect computing designs and modules.

Applies to: Power Looms, Rapier Looms, Waterjet Looms, Airjet Looms



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