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Merci Cloud ERP is an all-in one, affordable ERP solution to manage your entire business from sales & customer relationships to financials & operations. It helps businesses to  streamline processes, act on timely information & accelerate growth.

Access Anywhere

Simultaneous Access / operate from Office, Warehouse, Godown, Factory or different Business Units. Access From Desktop Computer, ThinClient Computer, Mobile, iOS & Android Devices.

Fast & User Friendly

Hosted on AWS Clouds, Merci Cloud ERP is enriched for fastest User Experience. Security of your Data is Ensured, with automated backups, auto-failover systems, 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

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Access Anywhere

Access Anywhere
Access Live From Office, Factory, Warehouse, Home, Production Unit... Anywhere
- Access From Any Location
- Live Data. No Sync Required
- Access From Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, Mobiles...
- Operate from multiple locations truly online.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users
Have all your users (Staff, Customers, Vendors) on same platform and share information
- Create Unlimited User Accounts
- Create User Designation / Groups
- Define Group Roles
- Seamless Operations

Latest Technology

Latest Technology
Built on same technology as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc for speed & reliability
- PHP 7.x
- Cloud SQL
- AWS Cloud Servers
- JQuery
- Python & more...

Highly Secured

Highly Secured
Virus / hacking threat free, No threats of Ransomware or Data Hijacking. DDoS safe.
- Depolyed on Secured Linux Clouds
- Safe behind Hardware & Software Firewalls
- Auto-Scaling (horizontal & vertical) Servers
- Advanced SSL layers.

99% Uptime Guaranteed

99.999% Uptime Guaranteed
Multi-Continent auto failover mechanism, with Cloud SQL replication & Load Balancers.
- Multiple IP Binding to Mumbai, SIngapore, Seoul & Tokyo Datacenters.
- Autoscaling RDS (Cloud SQL) to ensure 100% uptime. - Load Balancers to manage virtually unlimited traffic loads

Complete Accounting

Complete Accounting
Complete Auto Accounting, GST Compliance & Taxation with Financial Cost Controls.
- Auto Postings, Vouchers, Final Accounts, Ledgers, O/s, Ageing, TDS, Interest Statements, Bank Reconciliation
- Auto Balance Transfer, Next Year Creation
- Complete GST system - Automatic E-Way Bill Generation

Dashboards & BI

Dashboards & BI
Customizable Dashboards with BI (Business Intelligence) engine for Analytics
- Multiple Customizable Dashboards
- Business Analytics
- Selective User Access
- Business Insights.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support
Select from a wide range of language for users and outsiders.
- Use Selectable Language work environment
- On Demand change printing language
- On Demand change report output language.

Modular Design

Modular Design
Modular Design allows to add or modify sections of ERP to meet Business needs
- Add New Modules on demand
- Modify Existing Modules as per Business Needs
- Completely customize as per demand
- Integrate New Business Logics on demand

Webhooks & APIs

Webhooks & APIs
Inbuilt rich set of Webhooks & APIs to allow easy integration of other programs & devices.
- Connect your devices
- Use APIs to Connect to our ERP & get data into your own CRM
- Use APIs to pull data into any CRM or BI software / tool.

Barcodes & QR Codes

Barcodes / QR Codes
Inbuilt support for 2D barcodes or QR Codes .
- Generate & print Barcodes / QRCodes for stickers / labels. - Inbuilt support for scanning barcodes using mobile devices.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps
Custom mobile apps for your business needs and market demand
- Get customized mobile apps tailored to your business needs.
- Eg. Collection App, Ordering App, Task Management App etc.

Scheduler Services

Scheduler Services
Schedule Reports to be delivered automatically on mobile of target users.
- Schedule Reports & Other Event Based Messages
- Our ERP automatically fires / executes these schedules and delivers the required info to target user's whatsapp / emails.

Blazing Fast

Blazing Fast
Our ERP flavours fastest Server Technology Backed by Caching & On the fly compressions.
- Fastest On-the-fly compression for data transmission & storage
- Caching Engines for fastest server responses.

Customizable View

Customizable Views
Each User may Customize the view of modules & reports as per need.
- Easy Customisation of View of modules, forms & reports.
- WSYWIG (what you see is what you get in reports, data exports & printouts

Automatic Backups

Automatic Backups
Automatic Backup of your data each midnight.
- Automatically takes backup of your entire data at midnight.
- Backups maintained on separate secured linux servers.
- Manual Backup options available.

Multi Year & Company Support

Multi Year & Company
Virtually unlimited number of years and company per year is supported.
- Create & Manage unlimited number of years & company per year.
- Easy Accounts, Masters, Balance & Stock Transfers

Custom Ageing Settings

Ageing & Custom Fields
Generate Ageing O/s Reports, Inventory etc. along with custom fields
- Create & Manage Custom Ageing for Outstandings
- Create Custom Ageing reports for Inventory etc.

Whatsapp Integration

Whatsapp Integration
Send messages (Text + Image + PDF / Excel) on whatsapp easily
- Send messages on whatsapp
- Send Design / Images with Invoice copy on whatsapp
- Send Bulk messages / prices / announcements.

SMS / Email

Sms & Email
Easily configure Sms & Email to send messages on events.
- Send messages on SMS / Email
- Customise / Configure messages


Systematic Learning Management System for training your employees
- Team wise schedule trainings for employee groups.
- Self monitored dashboard & evaluation system
- Mobile based app for completing trainings.

Task Management

Tasks Management
Easy to use versatile Task Management System
- Easy to use & versatile Task Management System
- Manage self as well assign task to others.
- Links with Outstandings, JD, KRA etc.

Map Analysis

Map Analysis
Versatile Map (Geographical) Analysis for Outstandings & Sales.
- Easily & Virtually analyse your Business & Expand on basis of BI reporting on basis of Population distribution.

Audit Log

Audit Logs
Entry Level & field level audit log and controls
- Entry level + Field level audit log to precisely track & control entry flow and set accountability.

Excel type interface

Excel type interface
Easy Excel like interface for easy & fast operations
- Export reports + data to PDF / Excel
- Work in excel type environment
- Easy data import from Excel files

Paperless Office

Paperless Office
Attach unlimited attachments (photo / files) with each Transaction / Master entry
- Unlimited Attachment with each entry.
- Easy View / Email attachments
- Easy to use Document Manager
- Easy Uploads / image capture from mobiles.

Bulk Operations

Bulk Entry Operations
Perform operations on bulk entries. Simply Select & Execute.
- Bulk data operations like print, delete, change, email, message etc. on selected entries by authorised users.

Smooth Keyboard

Keyboard Friendly
Our Keyboard handlers provides maximum possible operations using keyboard.
- Maximum use of keyboard, Enter, Up, Down keys etc for fast and easy navigation in forms and modules as well as reports
- Least use of mouse.

About Us

Team Merci  endeavours to provide the best possible services to all set of customers &  its products drives you to get in terms with the most novel technologies that have no comparison to its speed and concept. We constantly work on fulfilling your business requirements and make available to you the state of the art software solutions.

With this vision, our mission encompasses to become the leading company in the global market, particularly in the genre of ERP Software Solutions and Technologies. Our team of extremely proficient and experienced professionals are our means of achieving this end. We use our resources optimally and by planning meticulously have been competently presenting to our customers, the world-class technologies and ERP Software Solutions over the years.

At MERCI we ensure the total satisfaction of our clients from around the world. Our intention is to bring to you the most premium services of the newest forms of technology at your reach.Our aim is to present premium quality software and services and give our clients the most satisfying experience of their corporate life. Your trust in us is our driving force to deliver the choicest product and service support that is reliable, punctual, economical and most importantly consistent.

  • Modular In Design

    MERCI Cloud ERP is built over several business modules viz Accounting, Taxation, Inventory, HR, Cost Control, Analytics, Logistics, Supply Chain, Production Process & Production Planning, Forecasting etc. These modules can be integrated to existing MERCI ERP as and when required (On Demand).

  • Cutomized To Business Needs

    MERCI Cloud ERP is completely customised and tailored to customer’s need. Fastest customisation 100% to meet customer requirements as per System Analysis is our core USP.

  • Multi-User Model

    MERCI Cloud ERP is built upon realtime data updates in the background, ensures multi-users working in the system, even in the same modules / reports in realtime, taking care of auto-serial generation in entry forms easily, without breaking rules. Users may be over diversified geographical regions.

  • Multi- Business & Multi- Branch

    Integration of Multiple Business / Business Units & smooth operations of multiple branches for the organisation has been at the very core idea of MERCI Cloud ERP. Our robust systems ensure that virtually unlimited branches / business units may operate in real time simultaneously. Integration of data between different businesses of the Organisation is handled smoothly in the background as per established business rules.

  • Business Analytics / Insights

    We have integrated one to multiple point data flow algorithms to ensure publish live analytics to enhance user experience and decision making through a variety of customizable dashboards and widget components. Our Dashboard widgets can individually cater to alerts or send emails / whatsapp messages incorporating the elaborate (detailed) or summarized reports and data points.

Mobile Ready

MERCI Cloud ERP is future ready in delivering the contents of your business over your mobile / tablet / handheld devices. Access your business on the move. Take critical business decisions from wherever you are.

Allow your team members to access the business & related data from anywhere they are, in real time. It allows your people to take right decisions on the right time, though away from physical premises, but always available to meet the dynamic demands of your business and lead the competition.

What Clients say about us

The proactive team of Merci has made our business work more flexible, visible, manageable and highly productive. It solves issues impacting the business and handles it without downtime.

Merci’s ERP system has enabled access to real-time information, not only to those in the management and the employees, but also to our partners and customers. We have expanded dramatically. We are able to scale much faster now.

We are greatly impressed by the professional attitude shown by the Merci team whether is is the consultants, sales or after sales support. There has been excellent support in terms of providing the services well on time & they truly stand by their motto in terms of enduring value for customers.

We are greatly impressed by the professional attitude shown by Merci team whether it is consultants, sales or after sales support that has been given to us. There has been excellent support in terms of providing the services well on time & they truly stand by their motto in terms of creating value for customers.

Merci ERP Management solution has eliminated the operational / data redundancies, enhanced the flow of information, and thus significantly improved productivity and profitability.

Merci is not only flexible and transparent but also user friendly. It is a complete blend of superior design and programming experience that has enhanced our conceptual working.