Easy Communication In Your Business

Sending prompt messages (sms) to your vendors / customers keeps them connected to you.

Features & Benefits

  • Messages are sent using your selected SENDER ID.
  • SENDER ID can be changed at any time by customers.
  • Message can be of any length, however 1 sms credit will be charged per 160 characters.
  • Send any text messages in English language.
  • Broadcast / Send messages to multiple recipients at once.
  • Facility for message history / log check, for tracking / re-sending messages.
  • One Click Purchase & automatic activation within 5 to 15 seconds.

  • Standard Plan
  • 0.25₹
  • Credits: 50,000
  • Message Length: Unlimited (Calculated @160 characters / credit)
  • Validity: Lifetime
  • Payable: 14750/-
  • GST @18% included
  • Enterprise Plan
  • 0.18₹
  • Credits: 1,00,000
  • Message Length: Unlimited (Calculated @160 characters / credit)
  • Validity: Lifetime
  • Payable: 21240/-
  • GST @18% included
Please note: These packages are currently available for Merci Erp / Merci Lite customers only. We do not have a provision for demo of SMS API.


It is instant. As soon as you pay and subscribe to the service, it is activated instantly.

Yes you will get an auto-generated invoice from our system immediately as soon as your payment is processed online.

Normally sms api is a fully automated service, you receive full guidelines on how to use with your welcome email upon your purchase.

However if you face any issues, you can raise the support ticket for help our call our support number.

No. Sms is being delivered using the standard internet messaging gateways behind the scenes. You can set the desired sender id for your company.

Sender ID is a six letter based identification label which is displayed as message sent by sender in the receiver’s mobile. It has to be of six letters only.

No. MERCI Cloud ERP provides you sender ID free of charge. You can even change the sender ID if you wish at any time.