MERCI Global platform is one of the easiest, robust, scalable & user friendly ERP.
It also gives you the freedom to scale up, expand & assist you in your business as and when you need.

Your Retail

Business is a step ahead
with MERCI Cloud ERP

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  • POS
  • Dashboard
  • Scheduler
  • Merchendising
  • Marketing
  • Sales


  • Fast checkout
  • Inventory tracking
  • Customer Data
  • Automated Purchasing Program
  • Capabilities for multiple location / Mobility
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Agreement
  • Reporting tools
  • Real-time X-report
  • Digital Signage
  • Shipping Integration
  • Mobile Payment on Site
  • Employee Management
  • Easy Installation and Integration Capabilities
  • Return and Refund Policy Feature
  • Product Variant and Composites
  • Bulk Stock Imports
  • Customer-Facing Display
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Barcodes
  • Promotions


  • Summary Status of your business verticals


  • Automated job scheduling
  • System and user-defined parameters
  • Workload/history forecasting
  • Network man
  • agement
  • Report distribution and management
  • Graphical user interface


  • Product parent’s catalogue
  • Products master catalogue
  • Product catalogue with local purchase
  • Product catalogue by most selling items
  • Category by catalogue
  • Vendor by product catalogue
  • Product master and barcode policy
  • Product price and purchase policy
  • Products managements from the outlets to outlets
  • Lifetime product performance
  • Products wise employee performance
  • Products and item billing policy
  • Cross selling and up selling of products with support
  • Products based marketing setting for preferred customers and local customers
  • Products and catalogue register (outlet wise, period wise and location wise)
  • Rules based Barcode label printing and managementProducts catalogue by regional interestPlanning of store merchandise
  • selection of suppliers
  • production and sampling
  • price and cost managements
  • order and reorder managements
  • season information
  • item price history
  • markup and mark down managements
  • item survey


  • Retail marketing required promotion and customize marketing as per requirements of retail business format and local competition. to handle the large marketing prromotion while making system and branding very system processed, our marketing module will use as tool to careate and manage campaign and allocate budget, asses the performance and share creative and branding asset with all stakeholders from single source of marketing management module, the process become fast and decision making will lead to high sales in pick days


  • Category wise sales
  • Supplier wise sales
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Top 10 selling items
  • Top 10 Invoices
  • Cash flow
  • Customer footfall Analysis
  • Item wise analysis
  • Sales Vs Inventory
  • Sales qty vs value
  • COS vs COGS
  • Discount and Invoice discount
  • Invoice Listing
  • Invoice wise item sales


ZERO Installation or Local Infrastructure Requirements. Virus / Trojan Free. Running on Safe LINUX Servers

Hosted on Securely Amazon Servers with Round Robin, Auto Scaling RDS & Multi-Location Failover Management Systems

Automatic Daily Backup Support with ZERO Downtime & Fastest Access Over SSL / HTTPS

Indepth Analytics for Sales, Inventory, Customers & Manpower

Event Oriented Alerts & Reporting Mechanism

Access anywhere from mobile/tablet/desktops or laptops.

One Touch E-Way Bill Generation / Cancellation / Management.

Complete GSTIN integration with GSTR & Auto-Reconciliation

Multiple Customizable Dashboards, Custom Widgets, Zooming & Scheduler Services


There is no limit to number of users logging in at the same time. Any number of users can login at the allowed time (as decided by admin)

Your data is absolutely secured & not shared with anyone. Only the project-in-charge can access your data that too with your consent.

The admin user can download the Data Backup for sure using the option provided in the Utility Menu of the system.

For added security, the system automatically creates & preserves a Backup of the Data every night.

MERCI CLOUD ERP has been carefully designed keeping in mind business users. Our system architecture ensures that you never face and downtime nor any speed issues. Please refer to the following specifications driving our system:

  • Hosted on robust AWS Linux Cloud Servers (Linux, firewall, cloudflare technologies prevent all sort of Virus / Trojan / DDOS attacks.
  • Amazon Aurora SQL Engine for huge simultaneous data operations.
  • Auto scaling RDS (Data Services) to scale horizontally & vertically on load demands. (Can manage virtually unlimited data load)
  • Auto fail over mechanism (Automatic internal switching between servers in case of any single instance of data mistake operations to give the users a seamless uninterrupted operations. Servers are located at Mumbai-India & Tokyo-Japan & Singapore Data Centers)
  • Automatic Load Balancer to ensure high traffic load balancing between servers.
  • Programmed using PHP (World’s favorite programming language for speed. Facebook, Twitter etc. having giant user base are based on PHP).

Data volume storage forecast can not be done typically for business data. Normally 10 GB of data space can accommodate at least 10 years of data in MERCI CLOUD ERP, which include the images of products & documents too.

Nevertheless, in rare case (if required), where more volume of data storage is required, it can be acquired by paying additional charges.

Yes for sure. MERCI CLOUD ERP logs each and every change any allowed user has done, on field level, with date & time of the same. We call this audit.

Audit logs can be accessed for individual entry representing the date, time, user & changes effected to the entry for operations like add, edit, delete, print, sms, email, whatsapp etc.

Consolidated reports (user wise, module wise etc.) are available in logs section.

Even though logged, an Email to the admin user is automatically done if the entry is deleted from the system.

Yes. Users can be allowed to access MERCI CLOUD ERP from allowed locations.

Yes for sure. Multiple restrictions can be imposed on the users as listed below:

Login Restrictions:

  • Login from specific IP address(s) locations (Desktop / mobiles)
  • Login from specific place/area only GEO locations (mobiles only).
  • Time range based login.

Access Restrictions:

  • Access to specific modules (also field level access)
  • Event based restrictions (Add/Edit/Delete/Print/Report/Export/Mobile etc.)
  • Access to specific financial year / company
  • Access to Dashboards, Schedulers…
  • Setup OTP for entry delete for individual modules
  • Restrict Date based entries using Audit Lock

Yes for sure.

We have designed, optimized and tested our system to be fully compliant with any operating system (Apple, Windows, Linux, Symbian etc.) mobile device, tablets as well as Desktop and ThinClient machines.

Yes perfectly. MERCI CLOUD ERP is complete customized and comes in module architecture, is fully scalable & 100% customizable.

You can purchase a few required modules initially and buy other modules as and when required.

MERCI CLOUD ERP is optimised to run over 2G, 3G, 4G, Broadband Connection of 1mbps & above, Leased Lines. Virtually it runs blazing fast over any internet connection.

Yes. You can create multiple companies, each with multiple-branches, in each financial year group(s).

We have a robust Online Trouble Ticket System, using which users can create tickets. Each ticket is uniquely numbered and responded on the fastest response time possible, by our team of technical support engineers.