Task Scheduler Services

  • Integrated

    Integrated Into Dashboard & Analytics

    • Deep integration into MERCI Dashboard & Analytic Services
      • Automated module wherein customers can themselves create schedules.
    • Integrated with MERCI Runtime Modules
      • Desired / Custom tasks sections may be requested to be designed and integrated so that these actions are executed on desired dates & time.
      • Manual integration of certain actions by MERCI team on request by clients.
  • Create

    Create or Design & Set

    • Task Scheduler offers to create or design certain tasks to be executed on specified schedules.
    • Tasks arising out of certain events (Event Based) can be set as rules by users.
    • Easy to create / set interface to design individual tasks.
    • Virtually unlimited number of tasks may be created.
    • Dashboard based tasks comprise of reports which can be triggered on schedules and delivered to users.
    • Email & Whatsapp configuration available for task generated report delivery.
    • One to many users may be set for alerts / report deliveries.
  • Execute

    Task Scheduler Execution

    MERCI Task Scheduler is set to execute two types of tasks.

    1. Event based tasks (These are generated automatically by the system and delivered to intended / preset users). Example of these tasks are like upon deletion of entry, email is being sent with entry details to admin user. OTP is generated in case entry is deleted from the system etc.
    2. Schedule based tasks are normally set by the users themselves for receipt of any desired report / widget data on certain set intervals.
  • Automate

    Automation of Business Process

    Automate your business processes.

    1. Automate your business processes easily
    2. Streamline your information flow system
    3. Keep updated information, anytime, anywhere.