Tasks Management System

By using task management system definitely the time, money and resources will get optimize growth.


  • Create tasks for self.
  • Create recurring tasks
  • Get reminders.
  • Create & assign tasks to team members.
  • Monitor & track the assigned tasks.
  • Create tasks for teams (eg. for meetings)
  • Create reminders.
  • Check and track tasks in hierarchy.


  • Deep integration into MERCI Cloud ERP
  • Reduce paperwork to manage day to day affairs
  • Be connected online with your employees
  • Get online reports and updates about various tasks
  • Establish easy communication with your team members
  • Prevent evading of responsibility.
  • Easy reminders and scheduling system for basis as well as advanced tasks.
  • Improve employee productivity and efficiency.
  • Improved customer response time.
  • Easy JD & KRA tracking, control & accountability.
  • Easy integration with payment collection system for easy followups.
  • Simplify the organisational communication system.


Any number of employees can use the task management system simultaneously as allowed by the license.

Yes. Task management system is pre-integrated with CRM for scheduling, followups and other required controls.

Yes. Our Task Management System is available as a mobile application. It interacts with the MERCI Cloud ERP online. You need to be connected to the internet to operate.

Yes. We have a unified mobile app providing the integrated support for all these modules.

We offer task management system with alerts, sms and whatsapp integrations. Push notification feature can be provided on demand.