Our Technology

Latest Technology

We use PHP 7.x as used by Facebook, Twitter etc. Our ERP is powered by AJAX, JQuery, JS, Angular. Backend Database is AWS Aurora Sql RDS replicated to Mumbai, Singapre & Seoul Datacenters.


SSL Digital certificates are applied in MERCI Cloud ERP designing. Data is secured behind firewalls, over secured Linux Servers,  scaled horizontally & vertically upon AWS cloud servers. Daily backup is automatically created and stored on secured servers.

Modular Design

MERCI Cloud ERP underneath incorporates neatly designed modules which are completely customizable. Ultra-Rapid and easy customization of Entry modules, reports, views, searching, etc. is something that you can expect.

Scheduler Services

Scheduling service enable to send reports & events, specific to each customer & user thereof. Scheduler services present a whole new world of notifications mechanism, bench-marking of events / tasks / activities, push reporting on specified schedules / intervals or at required times. It provides business information at proper time, as and when required by persons concerned.

Artificial Intelligence

Underlying AI engine ensures WYSIWYG Entry Forms instantly from excel sheets, generation of UDF reports, Analytics, Data transmissions, Data Storage and many internally interacting routines. Our AI engines makes it possible to implement the ERP solutions within a record breaking 5 to 90 days for business, even from scratch.

Dashboards & BI Analytics

Our Dashboard module provide an intuitive & dynamic way to present business data & intelligent analytics, providing bird’s eye view of the entire organisation or a section thereof on one hand & enable decisions aiding hugely in forecasting, planning, executions, controlling and various aspects of business operations.

Multi Language Support

Multi-language feature is free to use for our customers. Users may turn screens, entry forms or reports & printouts as required in different languages as per need.

Blazing Fast

AI based on-the-fly encryption, caching ensures high speed data transfers over 2G/3G. High speed database with auto-scaling mode ensures unlimited data loads & fastest QEP possible.