Best Way To Enhance Your Business Interaction

Your business & customers are evolving at lightening speed. The best thing about using Whatsapp API is that major communication can be diverted over Whatsapp.

Features & Benefits

  • Messages are sent using your own number.
  • Pair your mobile once & use it freely for any purpose.
  • Send PDF, XLS (excel), JPG, PNG (images/photos) attachments of any size.
  • Send text messages.
  • Broadcast / Send messages to multiple recipients at once.
  • There is no limit to message length per message.
  • Facility for message history / log check, for tracking / re-sending messages.
  • Send entire report in xls or pdf format on whatsapp to recipient.
  • Schedule reports from Dashboard over whatsapp.
  • Buy once, send Whatsapp from Merci, from any company/year.
  • One Click Purchase & automatic activation within 5 to 15 seconds.


  • Tester Plan
  • 500₹
  • Credits: 250
  • Message Length: Unlimited
  • Text / Images / Documents
  • Validity: 5 days
  • Payable: 590/-
  • GST @18% included
  • Personal Plan
  • 12500₹
  • Credits: 25000
  • Message Length: Unlimited
  • Text / Images / Documents
  • Validity: 90 days
  • Payable: 14750/-
  • GST @18% included
  • Standard Plan
  • 17500₹
  • Credits: 50000
  • Message Length: Unlimited
  • Text / Images / Documents
  • Validity: 180 days
  • Payable: 20650/-
  • GST @18% included
  • Business Plan
  • 25000₹
  • Credits: 1 Lac
  • Message Length: Unlimited
  • Text / Images / Documents
  • Validity: 365 days
  • Payable: 29500/-
  • GST @18% included
Please note: These packages are currently available for Merci Erp / Merci Lite customers only. We do not have a provision for demo of Whatsapp API. Customers can purchase the Tester Pack to check the working of Whatsapp API system.


It is instant. As soon as you pay and subscribe to the service, it is activated instantly.

Yes you will get an auto-generated invoice from our system immediately as soon as your payment is processed online.

Normally whatsapp api is a fully automated service, you receive full guidelines on how to use with your welcome email upon your purchase.

However if you face any issues, you can raise the support ticket for help our call our support number.

Yes. In fact you have to pair your own number (or your choice number) with our whatsapp service to activate it. All messages are sent using your own selected mobile number.

Yes. You are required to keep your paired mobile always in powered on state as well as in network area.