Why Merci

The Merci Cloud ERP is a product of Nidhi Infocomm, which is developed
with a pure innovation, the usefulness of which will be evident when you experience it.

The Merci Cloud ERP is a product of Nidhi Infocomm, which is developed with a pure innovation, the usefulness of which will be evident when you experience it. With over 25 years of domain expertise in software and Financial Applications, MERCI ERP is an Integrated Business Management Solution designed to integrate the various functional areas in an organization. It serves as a growing organization to redefine its operation with streamline business processes. On the other hand, it provides a competitive edge to the struggling organizations with an insight of the key metrics.

Your tax integration and accounting issues will all be sorted within a very short time, once our ERP solutions are implemented. Merci Clould ERP will provide you the convenience in every way, even if it is as trivial a thing as the language you are comfortable in, hence all our ERP modules and reports can be easily accessed in all the local or regional languages by the user himself.

  • Secured
  • Blazing Fast
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Latest Technology
  • Completely Customizable & Modular Design
  • Dashboards + BI Analytics
  • Scheduler Services
  • Multi Language Support
  • Multi-Business Model
  • Mobile Applications

MERCI CLOUD ERP is secured using digital certificates for data encryption during client-server transfers. HTTPS protocol is applied in our Web as well as Mobile Application designing.

Client Data is secured behind Hardware Firewalls, over secured Linux Servers scaled and optimized using the underlying Amazon AWS 3 tier Cloud Servers.

We ensure data integrity, safety and security. Each piece of data is secured, logged and encrypted even when stored on our servers.

Moreover MERCI Cloud ERP also creates and preserves your latest data each day on separate server instances to aid in case of any data restoration is required. These Backups are available only in special cases to authorized personnel only.

MERCI Cloud ERP ensures high speed of data transfers over 2G/3G/4G/Broadband connections. We have deployed state of art on-the-fly encryption technologies as well as Artificial Intelligence based data-query and data-transfer models to ensure blazing fast data transfer across our systems.

MERCI Cloud ERP is deployed over AWS RDS in auto-scaling mode where-in the write as well as read replicas may scale up to 50 instances automatically, in events when load is detected to compliment and enhance the user experience.

At Nidhi Infocomm, we specialize in Database Architecture Designing, so as to ensure the smooth CURD operations and fastest QEP possible over large set of data and multiple databases simultaneously. Owing to this, as of now, MERCI Cloud ERP Engines compute approx 2800 queries per seconds during peak hours & we take pride in managing business database of over 60 million rows in single database in realtime with very high speed output while interacting with devces.

Artificial Intelligence is the key to success in the future. MERCI Cloud ERP is structurally based on AI for all its operations. AI is deployed in creation of WYSIWYG Entry Forms instantly from excel sheets, generation of UDF reports, Analytics, Data transmissions, Data Storage and many internally interacting routines.

MERCI Cloud ERP’s AI engines makes it possible to implement the ERP solutions within a record breaking 5 to 90 days for business, even from scratch. We have implemented the AI in the following Business logic areas:

  • Entry Form Generation
  • Database Table Design & Inter Table Relationships
  • Database Table Integrity Rules
  • Database Table Referential Integrity Rules
  • Creation of Reports
  • QEP for Fast Report Generation
  • Inbuilt Quality Check System: Using machine and deep learning techniques.
  • Generation of Dashboard for Clients.
  • Scheduling and Execution of Reports & Triggers.

Merci Cloud ERP has been powered upon PHP – the best in class & most versatile programming language available internationally. Most of the world’s favorit & heavy traffic websites like Facebook, Twitter to name a few, are purely built of PHP. Adding to this computing power, MERCI Cloud ERP relies heavily on AJAX, JQuery, JS, Angular programming technologies to keep up pace with the latest technology of the web available today.

The data interface of MERCI Cloud ERP is completely built over Amazon Aurora Cloud Computing Sql which is a step forward to world class MySql Database Engine. Aurora Engines are Elastic over the cloud to scale as and when required with high redundancy and spread over multiple locations worldwide using replication technology.

MERCI Cloud ERP is completely customizable. Ultra-Rapid and easy customization of Entry modules, reports, views, searching, etc. is something that you can expect. We ensure total customer satisfaction by providing customizations in the following areas:

  • Custom Data Entry Forms Designing
  • Custom Report Designing
  • Custom Dashboard Designing
  • Customize Scheduler Activities
  • Customize User Interface

Built upon stable & complete modular approach, MERCI Cloud ERP has following modules:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Sourcing & Payables
  • Distribution, Sales and Receivables
  • Manufacturing Process Management
  • Inventory and Distribution / Supply Chain
  • Assets Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Human Resource and Payroll
  • Customer Relation Management involving Sales, Trouble Tickets, Task & Activity Management
  • Intuitive Dashboards with BI & Graphical Analytics
  • Task Schedulers
  • Mobile Applications
  • Automated Bot Systems
  • Multi Branch Handling / Mangement.
  • Customized Barcode Generation (EAN/30f9/Qr Code)

MERCI Cloud ERP provide an intuitive & dynamic way to present business data and intelligent analytics via Dashboard Module. Dashboards provide the user a bird’s eye view of the entire organisation or a section thereof. Today Dashboards are the best tools to take the best business decisions and aid hugely in forecasting, planning, executions, controlling and various aspects of business operations.

MERCI Cloud ERP Dashboard features:

  • Completely User Customizable
  • Unlimited Dashboards per user
  • Multiple Widgets per user (As per rules laid by admin)
  • Widgets can be set in form of Graphs / Tabular Data.
  • Drill-Down facility in graphs & tabular data
  • Customizable & memorable views per widget.
  • Export / Print / Share Data of widget with others.
  • Set schedule of requisite widget as per user discretion.
  • Link Multiple Company Data in Single Widget.

MERCI Cloud ERP Business Plus plan provides very powerful feature of Scheduling the requisite reports & events, specific to each customer & user thereof. We use AWS Server side scheduler events & services, which work behind the scenes to ensure seamless execution of tasks precisely on time as set or demanded.

Scheduler Events present a whole new world of notifications mechanism, bench-marking of events / tasks / activities, push reporting on specified schedules / intervals or at required times. It provides adequate set of business information at proper time, when it was righteously required by management or persons concerned.

Features of Scheduler System:

  • Schedule any number of reports as per requirements on required times.
  • Schedule any number of dashboard events / widgets.
  • Schedules can be set to intimate the user himself or any other person.
  • Schedules can be set for data pertaining to current company or merged companies spanning current or several years.
  • SMS / Emails / Whatsapp messages coupled with file attachments such as pdf / xls etc., wherever applicable can be set to be executed on certain events or as reports.

MERCI Cloud ERP has multi language computing support to all its customers. This feature comes free to all our customers.

  • Individual user can choose and set his/her language of preference in the organisation. Required entry modules & reports will on-the-fly get translated into the language of preference.
  • Individual printable forms can be set to be printed in language of preference. This can be set per form coupled with parameters specific to different criteria like a specific language to be used for specific set of customers, cities etc.
  • Google Language Translation APIs are being used complimented with caching technology for blazing fast outputs.
  • This feature comes to all MERCI customers free of charge.

MERCI Cloud ERP has specialized modules, applicable for a variety of Industries & Business Verticals.

  • Cloth Manufacturing & Trading
  • Retail Sales Stores (FMCG / Non-FMCG)
  • Agency / Adhat Business
  • Knitting plant
  • Dyeing and printing houses
  • Power looms
  • Coal import and trading agencies
  • Services / Material Supply & Application Agencies
  • Bakery Products Mfg & Sales
  • Automobile Dealers / Agencies
  • Ports (ICD/Regular)
  • Food grain Manufacturers
  • Import/Export
  • Jewellery Manufacturers & Designers
  • Chemical Manufacturers
  • And many more…

MERCI Cloud ERP though is accessible from computers, tables & mobile phones, it has a dedicated mobile application for easy accessibility for people on the move. Apart from this, we do provide mobile applications for Android as well as iOS platform specific to client needs.

Presently the following features are available on mobile applications:

  • CRM
  • Attendance Management System
  • Task Management System
  • Sales Force Management
  • Customizable Analytics
  • Entry Forms as well as reports.
  • Document Vault
  • Security Controls
  • Document Attachment features to entries in forms.
  • And many others…


Ultra-rapid speed in the generation of modules and reports

Effortless access via all sorts of internet-2G, 3G, 4G, Broadband

Table level programming coupled with automatic MySql Database

Compatible with Apple, iOS, Android, Windows & any other Java-enabled OS

Availability of regional and local language for easing out the accessing process

Assistance in essential business needs such as Taxation, GST, Process Control, Forecasting, Business Data Analytic Control; along with the provision of identifying KPIs easily

Facilities of specialized modules for Power Looms, Dyeing and Printing houses, Construction, Knitting Plants, Stores Management, Coal Import and Trading, Embroidery Mfg, Cloth Mfg and many more.